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LBS Suite’s Digital Marketing Module

We are pleased to announce our brand new module called Digital Marketing.

Over the past years, we have seen great evolution in communication. We used to send information on actual paper and make a lots of calls. Then internet came! So we started to send emails that were faster and more personalized but still for each of your emails you had to press the button send.

Today, we are using emailing solutions to create semi-personalised emails and send them to hundreds of contacts in one click. However, one issue remains: how to target precisely the emails that we are sending massively? Also, you probably know that those emails usually land in the spam mailboxes. Therefore, how to avoid this?

We have the solution!

We are pleased to announce our brand new Digital Marketing Module which goes far beyond all these struggles! With this module, you will be able to target precisely your contacts in your database, accordingly to many criteria like keywords, last orders, activity… And in one click, your emails are sent!

Later on, you can check out your latest campaign and follow up with contacts who did not answer. No junk emails, as we use your Outlook or Gmail to send out the emails. It is not considered as mass mailing. Your addressees will feel emails have been sent specifically to each one of them!

With these features, you will be the best salesperson in the world! Check out more.


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