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Payment Collection Module

Create reminder scenarios and personalize your automatic reminders.

Optimize your Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) and finances

LBS Suite module recouvrement automatique logiciel gestion entreprise et département de traduction interprétation relecture ERP CRM TBMS TMS

Use the Payment Collection module to monitor your invoices closely and keep an eye on your cash flow.

LBS Suite - Icône Module Recouvrement automatique TBMS TMS Traduction

You can relax, your invoices are under control!

This module allows your accountant to create reminder scenarios, client profiles and a schedule for sending reminders.


Monitor your clients payments closely and send hundreds of reminders for unpaid invoices with a single click, while still keeping in mind the unique nature of each of your clients!


You can manage their promised payments or disputes that are delaying payment. This module also allows you to easily switch from an e-mail reminder to a reminder by phone or post.

In addition to mass reminders for unpaid invoices, the Payment Collection Module offers you detailed statistics to monitor the progress of your payments, cash flow, average payment time and more.


Give serenity to your accountant

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