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LBS Suite team wishes you a Happy New Year 2021

The whole Language Business Solutions team wishes you a very happy new year 2021! Discover Anna’s predictions for the coming year…

We’re very proud to announce a 25% growth in 2020. Despite the pandemic and the restrictions we all experienced, we managed to meet our goals and make it happen.

We must thank each of our existing clients for their loyalty, and all the clients who joined us in 2020 for their trust.

This video aims to convey a happy new year message to LBS Suite followers. Predictions that do not concern LBS Suite are imaginary. 


In this video, Anna is a medium. She sees that Covid19 will disappear from our lives and the real on-site conference will come back around June. Christine who is listening is picturing next on-site conference. Hysterical screams of people excited, everyone saying how much they missed each other, people who totally forgot who they are talking to. Then, Anna uncover that we will have some interesting fashion trends. Once again, Christine is picturing the scene where people are half dressed in PJ, which doesn’t convince her.

Anna is revealing an important news, LBS Suite will release a new version in 2021: LBS Suite 8. Finally, she sees a big number: 25%. She sees this number clearly in her ball, and says that LBS Suite will have a 25% growth in 2021. On her side, Christine is thinking that LBS Suite has already reached a growth of 25% in 2020, which explains why Anna is seeing it so clearly…


Keep an eye out and join us on our social media LinkedIn and YouTube! We’ll be back soon with big news 🙂