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Vendor Management module

Optimize your ressources to get them closer to your objectives

Hand-picked ressources

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The Vendor Management module is specifically designed to control suppliers database. From targeting to tests and follow-up: it’s all automatic!

Vendor management manager presentation

Because your resources are critical, VM is at the heart of LBS Suite!

Rely on real-time statistics to find out where your resources are sufficient and where they are limited. Understand when it is critical to recruite new suppliers with our widget; sorted by language pairs or topics (or view both at the same time), analyse at a glance where your resources are stretched.


Recommend suppliers to your colleagues based on several criteria such as cost, reactivity, supplier ratings, and much more. Consequently encourage your team to use the best resources, watch their reactions and rest easy knowing your recommended resources are being used to their full potential.


Check the average price of your purchased services and focus your attention on the least competitive prices.


Organize online tests that launch automatically when new suppliers log in to your portal.

With the Vendor Management module, optimize your resources, never be caught short, test, recommend and observe them!

With LBS Suite's Vendor Management module

Give clarity to your Vendor Manager