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Interpreting Module

Manage the most complexe interpreting projects with this specialized module

Optimize your interpreting projects

LBS Suite Interprète Logiciel Gestion entreprise et département de Traduction Interprétation TBMS TMS ERP CRM

For a successful interpreting projects, you need to choose the right interpreters. But that’s not all! Thanks to LBS Suite, you can manage not only your interpreters, but also equipment, recording, note-taking and summary services, transportation, hotels, venues, etc.

LBS Suite - Module Mission d'interprétation TBMS TMS Traduction

Enjoy total control over the organization of your interpreting projects

LBS Suite lets you manage every step of an interpreting project. Beyond just booking interpreters, the module offers a wide range of functionalities to improve the organization of an assignment.


You can set the number of interpreters for each language and organize all the additional services (equipment, note-taking, summaries, recording, transport, hotels, meals, etc.) in a single, easy-to-use environment.


With the Interpreting Module, you can book your resources (interpreters, writers, event coordinators, technicians, equipment, meeting rooms) as soon as you create a quote.


As far as interpreters are concerned, they are booked taking into account their availability, the distance from their home to the venue, and related services such as transport, lodging and catering.


Combine the Project Planning Module with the Interpreting Module to evaluate the real costs of interpreting taking into account transport, lodging and any meals. Enjoy instant access to a detailed analysis of your project costs to evaluate your margins.

Manage your interpreting projects with the LBS Suite module. It’s easy, reliable, and lets you plan every step of the way.


Give continuity to your events