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Project Design Module

How to get ready for big projects

Managing big projects? This module is made for you

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As soon as your client sends you a project, evaluate your costs, choose your suppliers, check their availability, etc….and send your quote with peace of mind thanks to the Project Design module!

Define your workflow, assess your costs, book your suppliers and optimize your project before sending your quote.

With Project Design, plan your margins and resources before even sending a quote to your client.


Book your best-performing, least-expensive suppliers for the project. You can set the optimal price for your quote and guarantee the availability of your suppliers as soon as the project is accepted by your client. No more nasty surprises around margins or delivery times!


Thanks to Project Design, optimize your project management. Your pre-selected suppliers will automatically receive their purchase order with the agreed price and delivery deadline.


The project can start the instant the client confirms it!

Manage your resources and margins before sending quotes.
Speed up project management after client approval.
Leave nothing to chance!

With LBS Suite's Project planning module

Give self-assurance to your team