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We gather all frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you. As transparency is important to us. Click on each to see the answer to the question. Should you not find answer to your question,  please do not hesitate to contact us.

As soon as you register with LBS Suite, our team is ready to help with the migration of your client and supplier data. So don’t worry, every piece of information about your clients and suppliers will be safely transferred to LBS Suite..

Your email service provider, Outlook or Gmail, is an expert in its field so we don’t want to take their place.

Therefore, we let you continue using your own email service provider. Indeed, LBS Suite connects to your Outlook or Gmail account. It couldn’t be easier to manage your projects from your emails.

What’s more, LBS Suite can automatically send messages via your email provider using pre-designed templates.

You can customize your PDF templates (quotes, invoices, credit notes etc.) with your own logo, color scheme, and style. Likewise for your client and supplier portals, and all your email templates.

Our team will help you customize your LBS environment to fit your brand..

Good news! We are happy to listen.

We sign a development partnership agreement with all our clients. So, each one of them can describe their needs where we offer the best solution by developing new features.

LBS Suite takes care of all your files. Throughout your project, LBS Suite will handle everything, from creating folders to copying your documents into the correct related folder.

You can put your mind at ease: you’re now ready for ISO certification! With LBS Suite’s Quality Module, conduct supplier quality reviews and measure client satisfaction. Then, extract key figures for your audits.

ISO 9001-2015 Audit Conclusion for our client Caupenne & Co:


–       Efficiency: On routine feedback scoring 4.72/5, clients have highlighted the rapid response times of the company. Based on the score and how well process performance targets are met, the system is judged efficient. 

–       Maturity: A mature management system that satisfies all requirements for risk identification, PIP identification and improvement planning. Especially in terms of risk mitigation and complaint handling.

–       Suitability: A system entirely suited for companies, offering advanced business tools for delivering customized services to clients with impressive response times.

LBS Suite automatically calculates the availability of your in-house suppliers, allowing you to correctly prioritize when assigning tasks. In short, our Planning Module will help you coordinate your resources.

Optimize your resources to the max with the Planning Module..

LBS Suite records the time spend by every employee, then calculates the management costs of your projects via the Cost Management Module.

LBS Suite includes an optional Payment Collection Module for speeding up payments from clients.

Surely, you can configure follow-up procedures for different groups of clients (e.g. key accounts). As well as planning your actions accordingly (emails, calls and letters) based on the payment deadline (15 days overdue, 25, 30, 60…). With a simple click, every overdue invoice will be chased.

Use our Digital Marketing Module to send targeted mailouts to your potential/existing clients.

Our Digital Marketing tool should not be confused with a newsletter mailing system. That is to say, it is rather a tool for recruiting new clients. The aim is to make each recipient believe that the email was written and sent especially to them.

LBS Suite offers an API tailored to your needs; ask our team for more information about our API.

In LBS Suite strong CRM View, we provide a wide range of statistics for evaluating the performance of your teams, from new client sign-ups to financial results.

At the request of one of our clients, we have developed a cutting-edge commission management system. Which lets you calculate how much commission to pay to each one of your employees (not just your sales team).

Indeed, you may have a range of commission schemes, based on the role and contribution made by a particular employee in relation to an order. For example, the commission may be higher if a sale is made to a new contact that was developed by the employee, than if it was made to a contact from a former salesperson’s portfolio.

Moreover, LBS Suite lets you manage the percentage commission paid to each user (salesperson 1: 1%, salesperson 2: 2.5% etc.).

Our Planning Module provides a clear overview of the workload of your Project Managers.

Plus, you can also use our statistics to calculate how well they are performing.

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