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The whole lifecycle of language projects in one place

LBS Suite is a powerful management system for your translation projects:

Integrate your CAT Tool into your workflows.

Connect LBS Suite to your Outlook or Gmail.

Get powerful reports on your activity

Automate your localization workflows.

LBS Suite

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  • Strong CRM features with results and target measuring


  • Digital Marketing customizable email campaigns


  • Vendor management with live reporting and alerts on resources


  • Full CAT Tool integration with customizable rating grids


  • Real-time tracking of online translations


  • Easy project creation and management from your Outlook or Gmail


  • Workflow automation customizable per project or client


  • ISO-compatible quality tracking for both clients satisfaction and vendors assessment


  • In-house production and management cost tracking


  • Strong self-generated planning for the in-house team


  • Flexible and complete client invoicing features


  • Automated and customizable payment collection module
enterprise corporate lbs suite tbms localization project management




  • Easy and customizable workflow automation


  • Strong vendor management features


  • Customized portal for job requests


  • Easy project creation and management from your Outlook or Gmail.


  • Automated folders and file management on Microsoft Sharepoint


  • Powerful reports with in-depth costs analysis


  • Strongly flexible solution


  • Customizable quality rating


  • Quick invoicing on vendors’ portal


  • LBS Cloud fully secured environment
gaming localization lbs suite TBMS project management



  • Easy and customizable workflow full automation


  • CAT Tool Integration with specific features for gaming


  • Real-time tracking of online translations


  • Powerful reports with in-depth activity analysis


  • Strong vendor management features


  • Customized portal for job requests


  • Strongly flexible solution


  • Customizable quality rating


  • Automated vendor testing


  • Strong API with customized support


  • On-premise fully secured infrastructure


IT Infrastructure


A fully secured online environment for your LBS Suite solution. Say goodbye to in-house servers and hello to expert specialists. Just click on your app icon to effortlessly access your LBS Suite app and files. Enjoy enhanced security measures, escape browser limitations, and experience a flexible solution. LBS Cloud provides unmatched accessibility, and our team of experts ensures specialized support. It's time to unleash the power of your IT environment. Transform your business with LBS Cloud today.

LBS On-Premises

Take control of your IT environment with full security and flexibility. Access projects and files securely within your organization's premises. Enjoy complete control over your infrastructure and tailor the system to meet your needs. No more external servers or compromised privacy. Experience the freedom to scale and adapt with seamless integration. Embrace the future of IT solutions with LBS Suite On-Premises. Revolutionize productivity and efficiency.

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LBS Suite evolves according to your needs. Your opinion matters to our developers.
Your ideas might just shape the next version, so don’t hesitate to share them with us!


From the moment you install LBS Suite, we provide all-round user training for your entire team!
LBS Suite is intuitive and easy to use. Each user is taught how to manage his modules and optimize his LBS Suite experience.


Relax, we’re always here to help.
By choosing LBS Suite, you’re also choosing a high-quality, responsive technical team.
Contact our technical support with any issues and receive quick, precise help.

About Us

Language Business Solutions (LBS) was established in 2002 to cater to the requirements of a translation business operating within the group. In 2006, LBS introduced the LBS Suite, a comprehensive management tool specifically designed for translation businesses and departments.


Despite being relatively new to the French market, it quickly gained prominence and emerged as a leader in its segment. Subsequently, the European and American markets also embraced the LBS Suite.


Over time, LBS Suite has evolved into a prominent Translation Business Management System (TBMS) and is widely recognized for its comprehensive features and exceptional performance. It is regarded as one of the most complete and high-performing products available in the market today.


Creation of Langage Business Solutions to meet the exclusive needs of a translation company belonging to the same group
Development and launch of LBS Suite in France
French market leader with the largest number of users
European Expansion. Language Business Solutions embarks on international growth!
Opening up to the North American market
+25% growth despite the Covid-19 crisis, LBS Suite proves its immunity!

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