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LBS Suite is announcing LocWorldwide 43 Prize winner

On January 27th and 28th, we sponsored the LocWorldWide 43 virtual conference. There, we organized a prize draw where one lucky participant can win a $100 Amazon gift card!

It is now time to announce the lucky LocWorldWide 43 prize winner!

As Anna and Christine like to do things differently, they decided to announce the winner in a particular way! First, they put randomly names of all participants on the wall where each one of them will pick blind-folded after few spins. Once they picked the lucky two finalists, they will each fight for the name they got! It seems that Christine will be fighting for Grainne Maycock from Amplexor, and Anna for Hans Pich from Moravia. Then, Christine and Anna will enter into the battle. They will both have 50 candies (not to name Anna’s favorite ones), which have to be sorted by colors in the six wine glasses in front of them. Finally, the first one that placed all candies in the right glasses wins!

Congratulations again to our lucky winner: Hans Pich from Moravia!


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