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ALC Virtual Summit 2020 LBS Suite

LBS Suite at ALC Virtual Summit

While on-site conferences are all postponed, we start our first online conference of the season. Despite the distance, we are excited to discuss with industry peers. The ALC Virtual Summit is featuring Agile thinking, Innovative solutions, Best practices and Forecasting the future.

Our team in Europe will stay up for the conference and keep up with the time difference.

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Article Updated September 20, 2020

– In the round table “Marketing” with Andrew Hickson, we discussed about what we do to get noticed in LinkedIn especially during this hard period.
Also, Andrew asked for “online” fundraising ideas. Should you have one please share it with him!
Here is one: Ask to several people of the industry to record a secret video that you will “sell” to get funds! (idea to be discussed and improved).

– During the session “Elevator pitches that WoW Buyers” of Chala Dincoy, we learned to be very specific in speeches and use statistics to double sales!
To make the formula, you need to:

✅Target one super niche type of client
✅Find one pain point of your target
✅Find statistics that prove this pain point
✅Ask yourself what you do to help
✅Ask yourself what the result of your action is