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LBS Suite Business Continuity Plan from Bruno Géara

Dear clients,

Following our Government’s decisions these last few days about the containing measures taken against the spreading of the Coronavirus in France, we would like to update you personally on what we are doing at LBS to protect our employees, and how we ensure the continuity of our business through our Business Continuity Plan.

Our first priority today is our employees health. We decided to ask them all to work from home.

Therefore, we have invested in all necessary technologies and equipment allowing our staff members to work remotely without limitation. Please be sure that our staff stays fully available through the usual communication modes (phone, ticketing system, e-mail) for all your requests during this hard period that affects us all.

Please note that we have suspended all onsite training and visits to our customers until further notice. Online training remains of course available to those who want to start working with LBS Suite as soon as possible. Remote demos and webinars are still available as well.

Hoping to see you very soon!

Stay safe!

Founder & CEO