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Language Business Solutions

In 2002, Language Business Solutions was created to meet the needs of a translation business within the group.


LBS Suite was officially launched in 2006. A complete management tool, designed exclusively for translation businesses and departments. After just a few years on the French market, it had become a leader in its segment. Of course, the European and American markets were soon to follow.


Today, LBS Suite is a leading TBMS (Translation Business Management System), and widely known for being one of the most complete and best-performing products on the market.


Creation of Langage Business Solutions to meet the exclusive needs of a translation company belonging to the same group
Development and launch of LBS Suite in France
French market leader with the largest number of users
European Expansion. Language Business Solutions embarks on international growth!
Opening up to the North American market
+25% growth despite the Covid-19 crisis, LBS Suite proves its immunity!

Over time

Development Partnership

Development Partnership - LBS Suite engineers branstorming
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LBS Suite is your partner. We are committed to you with our Development Partnership policy. Do you want to submit your ideas, your wishes, your dreams? We integrate them whenever possible in LBS Suite, we even make improvements, and we integrate them in your new version. You are a key player in the development of our software.

Thanks to our development partnership program, you are a key player to our software development direction.

Manage your access

Users' rights

LBS Suite à la carte. Each user receives a level of authorization which determines which functionalities and data they can access in LBS Suite. To put it differently, you divide up the responsibilities, manage confidentiality and have total control over your business security.


To emphasize, LBS Suite adapts completely to your working methods and your organization. As you can personalize LBS Suite to suit all your needs.

Choosing LBS Suite means relying on a rigorous, dynamic organization that will support your development. LBS is always listening to your needs.

Why choose LBS Suite?

LBS Suite TBMS Prices

No need to bend yourself to requirements, LBS Suite will adapt to your preferences.

LBS Suite is a powerful TBMS (Translation Business Management System) that supports you from prospecting to chasing payments, through managing projects, resources, schedules, quality and invoicing. LBS Suite means automated processes and a personalized interface.


The leading TBMS in France, LBS Suite is designed to adapt to the scale and specific needs of your business. You choose the modules you need and build your own LBS Suite.


Whether you’re a translation business or the translation department within a company, LBS Suite is made for you!

LBS Suite facilitates the everyday management of your translation needs. Everything is easier thanks to an intuitive, interactive interface. In addition, you can easily process all your files as LBS Suite automate this part.

LBS Suite offers powerful functionalities, like calculating prices based on CAT analyses. Or searching for translators based on both their profile and their real-time availability. As well as deep analyses of your available resources to guide your vendor management processes.

LBS Suite supports all your translation-related tasks. From sales activities like prospecting, marketing, and quotation to project management with quality management and vendor management, including accounting features such as invoicing, payment monitoring, collecting payments, and suppliers payments. And not to forget Manager’s favorite KPIs and statistics to monitor activities.

LBS Suite supports you in each of your tasks, while adapting to the specific needs and unique nature of your profession.

Not to say that LBS Suite will analyse your business, whether you are a translation company or department. Indeed, you can access powerful and varied statistics about every aspect of your business. Furthermore, it offers a fully-functional dashboard where you can view the most up-to-date information about your business in real time. You’ll quickly realize that LBS Suite is a vital decision-making tool.

Surely, you can count on LBS “e-support”. Our fast and helpful tech support teams will answer even to the smallest questions and resolve any problems you may encounter. As we say, there are no stupid questions. Whether you’re looking for a function, a statistic, an information, or maybe help using the tool, adjusting a setting on LBS Suite, you’ll be supported and helped by our technical support. They can definitely guide you or access and adjust your application directly.

Thanks to the Development Partnership, LBS Suite meets your specific needs. If you want to add specific functionalities to your management tool, the R&D department will take the time to study your request. If possible, add these new functionalities to the next version of the software.

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LBS Suite is a complete, intelligent, advanced, and scalable solution

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