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LBS Suite is now ATC Technology partner

We are pleased to announce that Language Business Solutions is officially a technology partner of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies)!

Big thanks to Raisa McNab, CEO of ATC, for her trust and her participation in our video!

The content of this video is partially imaginary and aim to convey announce the partnership between ATC and LBS Suite to the language industry.


In this video, Anna is the presenter of LBS TV. LBS TV is a special channel for LBS Suite’s breaking news.

Anna is revealing a recent report that came out where we can see a clear increase of immunity against Brexit. It looks like 194 people are immune and thrive economically. Strangely, they are all members of ATC. LBS TV is trying to understand if it is a coïncidence.

Christine, reporter of LBS Suite, went to investigate at the headquarter. She comfirms that there is a close relation between the immunity against Brexit and being an ATC member. Moreover, she found out that LBS Suite became a technology partner of the association. People say that it might be the reason. Is LBS Suite working as a vaccin?

Raisa, CEO of ATC, has been interviewed and confirms that the number of members has grown in 2020 and that they have welcomed LBS Suite to be their technology partner.

It looks like LBS Suite and its French touch kiss Brexit away!


Thanks to Anna and Christine for their wonderful video! Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube, where we post all the latest LBS news!