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After two years of postponement, we were finally able to attend and exhibit at the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Conference in San Diego!

Between the initial date of March 2020 and the final date of 2022, two major disruptors have come to light: COVID and containment. It has transformed the world, changed the way it works along with the way we do work.

GALA 2022, therefore, was the perfect opportunity to address all these issues and get back to business!

On the conference agenda: what kind of world awaits us after the pandemic?

We discussed wellness-first workplaces and growth strategies that are focused on resilience. We also talked about the productivity gains made possible by digital technology, and the newly data-driven language businesses, all of which have led to more complex supply chains, etc.

On a more general level, the main pillars of the conference were still knowledge, network and inspiration. We all learned a lot, and what seemed impossible was clearly presented as the new normal!

At the conference, Anna and her good humour were there to represent us! She presented all the innovations added to our TBMS, and explained how we stayed the course in this extraordinary situation.

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